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Jul 4, 2011

You have the full crew again this week for our 124th installment, and we've got plenty to talk about! Tim tells us about his participation in last week's Amateur Radio Field Day, as well as his first flights on his new TriCopter. Ron's having great results with his new charger and has been draining some electrons, and I have been busy researching some interesting solutions for hauling my planes and gear around to the field and to out of town events. I've even got another FPV update for my "QSC FPV RIG" and share what plane I'll be starting with, as well as how I'm considering seeing video on the ground. The RCadviser is back again this week, too, with the first part of a two-part series on batteries!


FPV Video Monitor I've Ordered

Look At These Video Ground Stations!

My First FPV Plane

Four Pages of Goodies For My First FPV Plane

Very Cool Trailer Build Thread From A Very Well Known RCer

Have a Safe And Happy Independence Day!