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Oct 1, 2015

So in this 327th installment of our little show you'll find our crew up to our typical nonsense (which includes corrupting even our youngest of youth), but we do have some fun info for you. Tim 'IFLYOS' King is back from his adventures at this year's Heli Extravaganza and he's here to share all of the fun with us.



New MultiRC Knowledge Base

Two Drones Building A Bridge

Small Plane Breezing Casually Through Intersection

Loopin' Chewie!

Digital Battery Capacity Checker

This Week's Slideshow Pics


If you're interesting in participating in TheCrashCast Secret Santa gift exchange this year (it was so much fun last year!), send an email to and include your name, mailing address, and a little about yourself (be sure to give some HINTS about what you might like to receive!). This year's them is "Building With Balsa" and we've set a $40 (USD) minimum.