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Aug 15, 2010

This week we talk about some cool things discovered on the interwebs (lost plans found, LED tutorials, CNC information, etc,), some letters I've received, and a great Old Timer design that I contributed to.



The XB-70 Dorsal Received This Week


Tweakie's VERY Informative Site

Eric's SUPER Detailed LED Tutorials

LED Calculator Dorsal Found

Lanzo Bomber Thread (you'll need to be a member to see the pics)

BluBaby Thread - (one of the BEST planes around!)

Matt's Extra 300 in 90 Seconds

LDMFA RC Flying Display Day

What LDMFA Thinks Of Us RC Podcasters (Thanks, guys!)

Good Info At Fangin


Is a PhlatPrinter CNC machine just a bit outside of your budget right now? Well, here are the links that I shared with Tim to inspire the build of a 'manual control' hot wire cutter ti make it easier to cut out those foamies:

Building A Hot Wire Cutter

Large Dimension Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Dan's Workshop

Home Depot Foam Cutter

LOTS Of Great Foam Cutting Info Here!

Oh, and if you should happen to find one of these on the shelf at your local Hobby Lobby, you might snag one up as it appears that they have been discontinued!

Marvy Uchida Foam Cutter