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Jun 10, 2013

This 213th installment of our little show has a LOT to offer! We had a little impromptu "Happy Birthday, Kristy" contest in addition to our weekly giveaway (Ryan B won a Castle 10amp BEC, courtesy of our friends over at Castle Creations). We also got a great report from our buddy Steve "Vintauri" Mills on the Sig Fly-In that he was able to attend this weekend, too. And finally, our special guest this week is none other than Geoff Dryer! If you're into BIG electric projects and follow the RCGroups site, then you probably already know about his incredible scratch-built 50% Clipped Wing Cub. This guy does some fine work!


HHAEFI 2013 (Don't miss this one!)

3rd Annual Southeastern FPV Fly-In (At The PeacanPatch!)

Watts Over Owatonna Fly-In (I am SO trying to make this one!)

Team Tracon's Chilliwack Fly-In 2013 Pics

Politest Rednecks In The World? (Horseless Carriage Video)

50% Clipped Wing Cub Build Thread

Triple ThreatRC On YouTube (Great vids, incl. the 50% Clipped Wing)