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Jan 14, 2013

Join Tim, Karl, and ol' Crash for this 193rd installment of the show where we talk a bit about some BIG planes, Open Source Radio Systems and hacks, some nice looking knock-off planes, and my new Quad project that I'll be starting soon. The name for this week's show is in relation to the special event that Karl got to help out with, so you'll want to hear this story. Also, after some goading from some regular listeners, we do a real "first" for the show and get into a bit of a Second Amendment discussion (don't worry, we don't plan on doing this again anytime soon LoL).


Futaba 10C Hack (Thanks, Tom!)

OSRC Project (Kudos to FliteTest for bringing this info!)

More Cartoon Planes (if you can translate it LoL)

MWC MultiWii Board (I'm gonna try one of these)

Four Star 40 K/O? (Looks good!)

Rascal K/O?

BAD Nanotubes. BAD!

Bill Hempel's 65% DR-1 ARF

Phoenix Super Constellation (Shipping estimate, anyone? LoL)

Twin Turbine Concorde

Choose Your Own Stats

FBI Table

UK Stats