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Apr 17, 2014

This 256th installment of our show finds us all back in our respective workshops after a great week at the mecca that is Hodges Field. Though SEFF 2014 had a little bit of a different 'feel' this year, it was still an outstanding event! The rains at the beginning of a week slowed us down for a bit, but the rest of the week offered up some fantastic weather! Join us as we do our best to summarize what we took away from this year's annual reunion.


This Week's Slideshow

Karl's SEFF Video Compilation

Skyjet's SUPERB Video

Chris Mercer's Video (Another GREAT one!)

Bildo's Channel (SUBSCRIBE to keep up with all the vids yet to be released!)

SEFF 2014 On RCGroups

I'd like to also offer up our special THANKS! to Kuan and GWS USA for their sponsorship of this year's new and somewhat 'unofficial' event - the 2014SEFFFATCCCGWSUCNRC (or the 'GWS Acronym Challenge' as we started calling it). These kind folks sent us their Funny Park, P38, and P40 kits along with some very nice shirts to give away. Though some of their product line may seem a bit outdated, these things all fly VERY WELL and are quite easy to convert to today's brushless systems. Don't overlook these kits, as they offer up some great value and bang for the buck! My Formosa flew wonderfully and I'm certain to get many great flights from it!