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Aug 21, 2014

My goodness! You take a week off "work" and come back to a total mess! LoL Well, that's what it seemed like, anyway. We recorded a great 273rd show, but when I went to edit it, we picked up some sort of weird audio anomaly. Fear not, though, as I was able to pull up a slightly lower quality back up file and get this week's epsiode uploaded.

This week we have a total of 7 folks in the workshop. Six of us you've heard from before, but our 7th is Ben Warren (BorneoBen), and active gent over at the RCTodayShow! Ben shares with us some cool little multi-rotor frames that he's developed and needs our help naming his new business enterprise, as well as the frames he's designed (links below).


HobbyZone F4U Corsair With SAFE

Hacker HotWing 1200

BorneoBen's New Minis

Mini Multi Naming Competition

SimpleCopter Mini V-Tail Giveaway Nominations

SimpleCopter (great frames!)

North American FPV Meet 2014

North Of The DOGS Fly-In (Facebook Page)

New RiteWing Z3 Overview (SWEET!!!)

RiteWing At FPVLab