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Jun 20, 2010

After last week's LONG weekend trip I'm finally back in my workshop with Dorsal joining me for our 74th installment. Tune in for some reflection of last weekend's fun, talk of a new RC-based forum, another visit from The RCadvisor, and talk of the fuselage build for the e-QSC.



This is a Q.H.O.R.

XtremeFlyer RC Forum

2DogRC (Remember to use Coupon Code "CrashCast" to save 10%!)

Revoultion 3D Trainer (That plane Frosty had)

Hit Up My YouTube Channel For e-QSC Build Vids!



Kris Frost
almost nine years ago

The EPP plane I have is actually the little brother to the Revolution 3D Trainer, called the Mini R3D. It has 24\" wing span, E-flite Park 250, GWS 8x4 DD prop, and 2S 500mah hobby king batteries. and sell them now.

Re: spadworld username. I asked Chris (the spadworld maintainer) to change my username to frosty because that is my nickname with friends at work. It seems it was not available back when I signed up, but the account was inactive and got purged by Chris so it was now available. So, not your fault :) just a coincidence.

Kris Frost