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Apr 6, 2009

Let's flash back to the past for a moment, shall we?

DATELINE: Toledo, OH, Saturday, Aril 4th

The plan was to go fly a bit at the RCGroups Open Flying session after the Toledo RC Show closed down for the evening. We would then retire back to Mark and Trish's hotel room and set up for a live version of TheCrashCast. We would use Trish's new laptop and wireless card along with the webcam that was broadcasting from the skies over the PhlatBoyz Booth. Well, the 'cast was slightly delayed due to someone (ahem!) forgetting the power cables for said laptop. LOL

Nonetheless, we pulled off a LIVE webcast. albeit a little behind schedule. This week's installment is a replay of the audio from that session where we discuss how the PhlatPrinter MKII was received during it's public debue. We also discuss some of the cool things we saw at the show, as well as neat people we met!

I've got tons of information from this show that I intend to share with all of you, but we'll have to cover it in future episodes. I'm totally BEAT from the 19 hour drive back! LOL I did, however, want to get this audio up for those that missed it. We had great fun recording it, and I hope you enjoy the listen.