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Jun 11, 2015

In this installment of our show, we explore some of the ways you might take an RC "something" along with you on your family vacation this Summer. While the big manufacturers make some fantastic solutions all boxed up and ready to go (UMX goodies like the Night Vapor or the Radian), there are certainly other options that you can BUILD that are conducive to taking along on a road trip, or even things that you can fit inside your luggage when air travel is required.


DJI's Matrice 100

Twisted Quads


Jim T's RCG Headplay Review

BMSWeb On YouTube

The "Turd Dog" (LoL)

Wireless Connection To The ezUHF (Great idea!)

Various Quadcopter Cases

Some Backpack Solutions

SuperFly RC

Build Your Own Simple RC Kite (DaveReap ROCKS!)

Carbon Traveler

This Week's Slideshow Pics