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Aug 1, 2013

Our 221st episode of the show marks our first time to record/stream on Wednesday! We didn't really have much to discuss in this one, since we just did a show last Sunday. LOL Nevertheless, we pulled together and tried something a little different - we grabbed three of our listeners that were there for the live stream of the show, and found out what THEY had been up to!

Guest #1 turned out to be RCRich! It was nice getting a chance to visit with him for a bit. He's busing preparing for NEAT Fair. We have talked a bit about Rich because we are fans of his designs (remember the Flying Monster and the Flying Minion?)

Guest #2 was Joel 'MetroGTi' Dirnberger, and he was taking a break from packing to listen to the show. You see, Joel will be heading out to Watts Over Owatonna!

Guest #3 was Joe Ford from Castle Creations! Joe popped on after some prodding by Laine. We had a chance to show him some love for his company's products and great customer service. Joe told us a bit about the new Castle Serial Link, and we got to share with him some things that WE would like to see from Castle in the form of a more affordable ESC for Multi-Rotors.


Anderson R/C (Tim's favorite LHS, and I think it will be Nav's, too!)

Wings For Wishes Montana Is Getting A Cuda (courtesy of Laine's Planes)

OstrichCopter? (It seems a new LOW has been achieved. LoL)

R.A.M.S. 7th Annual Swap Meet And Trade Show

R.A.M.S. 12th Annual Randy Covington Flight Festival

During the show, Joel mentioned briefly that he would be going to Owatonna early to attend a funeral, but we failed to go into further detail. Unfortunately, the Owatonna community is mourning the loss of Karen Johnson. Karen was a fixture in the Southern Minnesota Model Airplane Club, as well as the T-Totalers Model T Club. Please know that our thoughts and prayers for strength go out to her family and friends during this difficult time. She will most certainly be missed.