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May 9, 2011

In our 117th show, Ron and I ramble on about all kinds of cool stuff! We discuss what we've accomplished this last week, a new QuadCopter I've just about completed, some new Flight Stabilization System boards you can order, some new capabilities a friend of ours has added, and even a really inexpensive camera I just ordered! Oh yes, we have an Ask The RCadvisor segment this week, too! We covered so much ground this week that I honestly haven't a clue what we could have left to talk about next week! LoL


New FaceBook Fan Site (Thanks to Bill for setting this up!)(Log in to see it)

Woot! I am now officially a FlightPass subscriber!

2010 Joe Nall Jet Crash (Explosion, really)

SPADFest 2011 Coming Up Soon!

WMParkFlyers Now Has A CNC Laser!

WMParkFlyers Control Horns (and some LED lighting soon!)

RC Mini Cams (I just ordered mine from Alex)

RadicalRC Quad Designers Kit (I should have mine finished in the next few days)

Assembly Instructions for our FSS Boards

Files for our new V2.1 FSS Board

FunBat Kits Sold HERE (I'm building mine this week for the RCPA group build)