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Jul 8, 2013

Again, if you're wondering about the title of this week's show, your mystery will be solved when you listen to this 217th installment. KarlK was unable to make it tonight, as was Navionflyer, but Tim and Laine were able to make it, so you'll get to hear all about what we've been up to. We covered lots of ground this week, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!


BIG Quad Lifts Lots Of Weight!

Laine's Big Cuda Caught On Camera (Thanks, Coreman!)

Cheapie Office Quad

Video Highlights - Pecan Patch FPN FlyIn

FiremanBill And Mason Flying Thru The Fireworks (Too Cool!)

WMP New Tuff Cub (Beautiful site, too!)

TX5805 Cam/TX and Rx (Tim's new FPV goodies)

MassiveRC (You entry-level Quad source)

3.5" TFT LCD Monitor (For my DIY FPV Goggles)

Latest WAA-08 News

Jet-Powered Extra 260? (Yep!)

Some Interesting Fodder For Scratch-builders

3B Printing? (Yes, that's a "B")

Kramer's Powered Bike

Can "Drones" Save African Wildlife From Poachers?