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Aug 29, 2013

We started off this week's show (225th!) with the intention of wrapping up our "Summer Of Multis/FPV", but as we usually do, we got sidetracked. LoL What you'll get in this one is some great RCA&E event coverage by Tim, some "OPQ" Beta Test results by me, Tim, and Ron (YES! Ron got a chance to pop in this week!), as well as a mess of our other usual goofiness.

It is our intention next week to conclude the Multi/FPV discussion and attempt to recap all that we've learned this summer. As I mention in the show, we plan to make the Multi-Rotor and FPV discussion a weekly part of our discussions, since we ALL have become smitten by this fast-moving part of the RC Hobby. We will be bringing back the fixed wing and helicopter discussions, though, so you guys that have been missing this content won't feel left out. :)

As far as the "OPQ" (One Piece Quad frame) project goes, I expect to have 40 units in production next week, so if you are one of the folks wanting to get your hands on one, they should be ready to start shipping next week. You'll want to watch our alternate site (AllThingsCrash) and our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE for details on how you can get your hands on one. From the interest that I've received thus far, the initial 40 units will probably be sold out within the first day I open the sales. No worries, though, as I plan to get another order of raw materials started immediately after we sell out the first run.


Witespy And AlanFlorida Head-On OPQ Test

Ready To Fly Quads (The BEST supplier for Multis ANYWHERE!)

UMX Habu (52mph, and it's not even broke in yet!)

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