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Nov 30, 2009

This week's show is a special one, in that we get to meet an incredible young lady active on the RC scene. Kimberly Panos (Pylon Princess) tells us all about the E-200 class of pylon racing that she and her husband, Mark, helped to organize with the Utah Valley Aeromodelers. As if RC Pylon Racing wasn't already enough to impress everyone in this male-dominated hobby, Kim is also an RC Heli pilot as well as a full scale pilot!

If your club is looking to come together in the spirit of competition with some Pylon racing, give this show a listen - there's lots of great info!

Notable Links:

Kim's E-200 Racer
Valient-e 1/2A Racer E-Conversion
The Panos Wing Quick Latch System
Xcell 30 E-Conversion
Motion Aero
Building A Titan Tornado
T-51 Video (wow!)

Oh, yes! Here's Xtreme's Sentinel