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Jul 16, 2012

This week, the two Tims and I try to shed a little light on different ways of getting your servos actions to the control surfaces of your airplane. Yep, it's all about pushrods! Also, we announce a new contest, too! On our September 2nd show we get to give away a cool Mini SlowBipe Kit from our friends over at, so be sure you listen and get the dope on how you can enter!


AllThingsCrash (Pics of some of the big planes at this weekend's HOTMAC Big Bird Fly-In)

Chaos Machines

OpenRail (The KickStarter is over, but you can still get in on this!)

WMParkFlyers (PushRod guides and Control Horns)

Dubro EZ Bender

Adjustable Control Horns (I also love these for pull-pull setups)


Sullivan Gold-N-Rods

Fiberglass Pushrod System