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Mar 14, 2011

In our 109th installment of the show, we talk a bit about electric power systems, especially how they apply to designs like our QSC TriCopter that we are building for this years Scratch-Build Club project. We actually have two systems that John and I have tried and we like them both. Also, the RCadviser discusses issues that are the real root cause to crashes.


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QSC TriCopter Power Systems:

What I use and good for light payloads

Motors - TP 2410-09


Props - APC 10x4.7

What John uses for heavier payloads (GoPro Hero)

Motors - ExceedRC Alpha 480

ESC's - ExceedRC Volcano Series 25 amp

Props - Master Airscrew 3 blade  TB0970 (2 tractor, 1 pusher)

Additional Items



My lightweight system flies great with a typical 3s2200 LiPo, while John's more powerful setup flies nicely on a 3s2600 - 3s4000.