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Mar 6, 2014

In this, our 250th installment of the show, we delve into some of the essential things you'll need when setting up a workshop for that first 'real' build. Pretty much ANY area can be used for assembling an ARF or BNF project, but when you are ready to tackle building a kit, you'll be needing some special tools, as well as a designated area to pull off your build. This is a timely episode, as some of us are tackling a BIG top-secret build project that will, hopefully, be ready in time for SEFF. The size of this project is even going t be challenging for MY personal workshop!

The only links I am posting this week are for some great events this year that you should consider attending if you can!


Austin MultiRotor Fest - March 14th and 15th (I'm gonna try to make this!)

Watts Over Owatonna - July 25-27th (I'm also gonna try to do this one!)

Greater Pittsburgh ARCS Fly-In - Sept. 20th

Wings For Wishes IV - August 16 and 17th

The pictures for this week's slideshow can be found HERE

Greater Pittsburgh ARCS
Greater Pittsburgh ARCS