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Mar 18, 2013

The title of this 202nd show was thought up ingeniously by one of the members of our LIVE listening audience (Joel aka MetroGTi), and it really sums up our main topic this week! In this show, we'll try to provide you with some inspiration for some inexpensive ways to re-purpose some of that old Micro Gear that you may have laying around from a defunct or no longer interesting Ember, Vapor, or some other Micro plane you may have in the corner of your workshop. Oh, and we tried to give away one of Laine's "Lil Cuda" kits, but no one could guess this week's "Phrase That Pays", so we will try again on next week's LIVE SHOW. :)


StevensAero Micro Builder Program

StevensAero 2.4 Kits

Guillow's Strato Streak (Beer-Man did it!)

Dynamic Foamy Kits

PZ Bird (A Bill Lowe design)

PZ Micro Mustang (Another Lowe design)

Peck Polymers Kits

School Yard Flyer (This one is SCREAMING for RC gear!)

11" Nutball (A super-easy build!)

Micro Clancey Lazy Bee (by The REAL Gary Ball)

Convert A Vapor 3ch Brick To 5ch

A Main Hobbies (Micro gear replacement parts)

2mm White Depron Source

Cessna Scratch-build By Keith (SWEET!)

DIY RC Hovercraft

OpenBuilds V-Slot (KickStarter coming soon!)

CONTEST ALERT! RCPtero has graciously supplied us with a copy of Keith Sparks' "Building With Foam" book that you can win by simply sending us a picture of what YOU would like to build (real aircraft of your 'napkin drawing') once you've learned the techniques described in the book. You can email me the info, or better yet, post it on our Facebook Fan Page. We'll take all the entrants names, toss them in a hat, and then have RCPtero draw the winner at SEFF 2013 in April. Deadline to enter is April 17, 2013. Good Luck!