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Aug 29, 2011

It's me and Ron in the workshop this week, and we've got some great news! It seems that our buddies over at PhlatBoyZ are bringing the Original PhlatPrinter out of retirement. If you've ever wanted to use CNC to help you cut out your foam planes in short order, this machine is what you want. You see, this economical machine is what started all the CNC rage in the RC Industry!

We also discuss a neat video, some cool kits you can build and fly on the cheap, and we even get another visit from the RCadvisor!


PhlatBoyZ Original PhlatPrinter

PhlatBoyZ Contest

A Lego 3D Mill??


RCToday (Hey, those guys sound familiar!)

RadicalRC Workbench


Sig Hummer Combo

I'll be posting some pics of Scott's Experimental plane over at AllThingsCrash!