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May 1, 2014

We thought about naming this 258th installment something like "Let's Hum Along With Laine", but decided that was just too long of a title. LoL In this show, we get to share some really interesting listener pictures (available at link below), a couple of interesting videos, and the fact that one of our favorite kit-makers is now selling a couple of our favorite kits! We also visit with our buddy, Mark Harrison from Eastbay-RC, for an interesting discussion relative to last week's OpenSource discussion, and then we get into some Taranis talk. Yep, we're still diggin' on this great radio!

Please don't forget about our Help A Vet program! In this episode we share a few things we are still looking for and would enjoy any help you maybe able to offer.


This Week's Pictures (Check out Hotcross' trailer and the WMPF Liberty Bipe!)

Slope-Flying A Heli??

Laine's Planes At RACores

Observations From Our Favorite Swede

EastBay-RC Blog (Great tips and info from Mark H.!)

Exercising The Sticks On A Taranis (Cool video!)

SlowBipe MiniBipe