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Oct 10, 2010

In our 88th airing, we talk about a bunch of stuff, including some new items coming out, another great contest, some great used equipment for sale CHEAP, and a BIG video project that I worked on this past week. We hope you enjoy it!


RealFlight G5.5 Due Out Soon

Another Great XtremeFlyer Contest (Prizes from HERE and HERE)

HeadsUpRC (Great Products, Info, Shipping, and Customer Service)

Kyosho Lands At Hobby Lobby!

Some Great Deals On Used PhlatPrinters (HERE and HERE)

CNC Halloween Decor

Gyros For People? (Thanks to David F for this link!)



eight and a half years ago

Perhaps you should think about partnering with Fred Midgett and Higher Plane Productions for your CNC DVD series. I know he\'s been working with Andrew Jesky on a series of DVDs.

Was fun flying with you the other day on RF G5.5.