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Jan 29, 2015

In this week's installment we get a visit from Laine's Flight Nurse (Melissa) which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with the RC, but that's the kind of weird stuff we do. LoL  Steve "Vintauri" Mills pops in to share what he observed at eWeek last week, and we also discuss some new items that have caught our eye, talk about some of our listener's projects, and share our opinions on this week's epic IOTW. 


HH Nurnberg 2015 Recap


ImmersionRC Vortex And rotorSENSE

Blick Foamboard Cutters (Thanks, Nick!)


Real RC Reviews (Thanks, Nicholas!)

Upgrade 8ch Rx To 32ch (Thanks, Martijn!)

White House "Drone" Fiasco:  NYTimes   BoingBoing

Our Friend Cliff Representin' (Way to go, Cliff!)

DJI Introduces "Geo-Fencing"

Is It A Hobby, Or Not? (Great job, Jake!)

Flesh Pilot's New YouTube Channel (Great videos!)

This Week's Slideshow Pics