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Nov 7, 2013

The reason for the name of this particular show is totally related to the "technical difficulties" experienced with the internet, Talkshoe, and Skype. No worries, though, as after about 4 hours of editing magic, this 235th show is actually quite listenable. LoL

This week, we have a friend and long time listener of the show on! Tom "Damage" Minnick had an opportunity to attend the DC Drone Users Conference and he tells us about some of the cool things he was able to take away from this meeting. Thanks go out to Tom for hanging in there with me to finish this recording, as well as our LIVE listeners that stuck it out (but to no avail). Hopefully we can get things sorted out so this type of thing doesn't happen to us again.


Spitfire 944 (Amazing and historic must-see movie short)

Yusuf's Blog (Lots of cool projects from a friend in Germany)

The SQuiRT In The AMA Museum

Aerial Photography by, MA and AMA

Plans-Build Webinar, by MA and AMA

Damage's Warehouse FPV

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