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Nov 8, 2010

Some "technical difficulties" with the first recording lead to having to re-record this week's show. Nonetheless, I think you'll find some good information in this 92nd installment.  I've got some videos for you to check out, some more contest information, some new places to get some great products that are made right here in the good ol' USA, and our RCadvisor sheds some light on the branding of some of the products we love.


PhlatPrinter 3 Tour and Cutting

Planet-CNC USB Card and Software

Hover And Smile's Mach One Combat Flyer

Flying Shark

XtremeFlyer Contest 1, Contest 2

Cool Places to get your Foamie Fix:

   AimRight Technologies

   G.H. Boyd Systems


   Guru Aviation

   3DMon Designs (oops! - forgot to mention this one in the show)

   Bad To The Foam

MiamiRacer's Wicked Cool Site!

senseFly swinglet CAM  (Video)


eight and a half years ago

Hey Crash, here's some thoughts about your rant. I'm not a networking guru (started CCNA training at my previous job), but here are some other thoughts.

What's your uplink speed? Typically with ISPes the uplink speed is way less than the downlink speed. Run this diagnostic tool,

The other thing to think about is the time of day you're uploading. If it's a night, then it's safe to assume YouTube's servers are being hit harder due to more users being on from about 5pm EDT to about 3am EDT.

I also wonder if the servers handling the YouTube traffic have been upgraded to support IPv6. I've seen where Google runs IPv6 on their campus, it's a given with IPv6 that internet traffic dramatically increases since devices don't run through routers (or nearly as much).