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May 2, 2011

In our 116th installment, we delve into some of the lighting systems we are using in our Night-Flying airplanes.  Setting up a Night-Flyer is surprisingly easy to do, so if you've ever thought you might like to try this out, now is the time get one ready to go!


Francisco and his "16 Switches" and Weather Report

Understanding How The 2.4 Systems Work

RC Radio Network

RC Pilots Association on FaceBook (You'll need a FaceBook account)

FunBat at BloodyMicks

Dave's QSC TriCopter Build


HobbyPartz LED's

LazerToyz Lighting Systems

RiteWingRC Sells LED Lighting, Too!

AndersonR-C (Give them a call and mention TheCrashCast when ordering LED's)

Mouser Electronics