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Jul 25, 2011

Well, all three of your hosts are back in the workshop this week for our 127th installment. And here's something cool - now ALL of us are licensed Amateur Radio Operators! Tim was the veteran as an Extra Class operator; Ron got his General Ticket last week, and I got MY General Ticket yesterday. Woot! Now I can continue on with the QSC FPV project.

In this week's show we'll share some new RC products on the market, some interesting sites, and a new contest where you can win a neat prize package!, Also, the RCadvisor joins us again this week answering the question of whether or not an all-American-made electric ARF can be assembled. Hmmm....


RC Airplane Stands (A cool product I found by listening to RCRN)

Zing Wings (Get a 5 pack of these for the kids)

E-Flite Cessna 150

New E-Flite Park 280

What is an OQ2A?

True RC has some great FPV Antennas (900mhz and 1.2 ghz)

ToxicToast Flipping (and crashing) his Quad

MultiRotorForums GiveAway