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Jun 24, 2013

In this 215th installment of our show, we get an update of the National Electric Fly-In that was held this last weekend from our buddy Steve "Vintauri" Mills. Steve had a great time and it looks as though the event was a huge success! Special thanks goes out to Vintauri for taking the time to visit with us fresh off the road from this trip.

We also did something a bit different, in that we did a "brainstorming session" on a new project we will be working on, and we are looking for YOU to participate! We are looking for the best, least expensive design, but very aerobatic Quad design that you guys can come up with for an additional "Crash's Scratchbuild Club" project. When we pick the best design I will do a Build-Along Video Series on it, crediting the designer in the video. Remember, it needs to be something that a newbie can build with typical hand tools and we plan to incorporate the typical "Blue Wonder" type motors (2712-12). We'll discuss this project a little more in depth during the next show, but start working on YOUR design NOW!

Our lucky winner this week was BrownEyedFool, taking away a nice new Castle Thunderbird 54 ESC courtesy of our good friends, Castle Creations, the manufacturers of the greatest controllers on the planet!


Flint Flyers (Skynutt's Club)

Karl Doing In His Radikal G30 (oopsie!)

Balsa ARF Parkflyer Shootout

Watts Over Owatonna

MassiveRC (They attend our LIVE streams!)

ReadyToFlyQuads (We will be getting some goodies for our Cheap Quad from here!)

Radical RC Mini Tote Box M3 (The REAL DEAL)

Can You Spot The Chinese Rip-off?