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May 14, 2012

This week we offer up our 162nd podcast, and true to our normal form, we cover a lot of ground (including some interesting, but off-topic, stuff). I give some insight on a custom transmitter neckstrap I am making and we also describe a new approach to pumping fuel into your slimers (thanks, Greg!). Tim has had some fun with his new (and somewhat STOLEN! LoL) Sherline 5400 Mill by trying it out on a Mother's Day present for his wife, and Ron shares what all he's been up to while he was away from us. Also, the RCadvisor is back again this week with an insightful discussion on the different types of RC pilots (it certainly made me stop and think!).


Video of an interesting launch technique

Inventor Fusion (Currently a FREE 3D Modeling Tool from the AutoCAD People)

MendelMax (3D Printer Tim is building)

2nd Annual Southeastern FPV Fly-in (PecanPatch's Event)

RQ11 Raven (FPV ship that Tim is looking into)

AP "Exposure" Sub Kit (I am wanting to scratch out something like this)

Instructables DIY Arduino, Bareduino (Maybe for camera stabilization on the cheap?)