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Sep 19, 2013

In this 228th installment, we talk about upcoming events and Coreman drops in to share his experience at the NEAT Fair this year. Also, our friend sawatt shared pictures that he took while there, so you'll want to check them out (thanks, Steve!). A lot of folks made it to this one this year, and from what I've been told, this event is the "SEFF" of the Northeast! This event just has to make it on my bucket list. LoL


sawatt's NEAT Pics

NEAT Inflatable Jet (We are wanting more info on this!)

UAV's In Colorado

IFLYOS' New Blog Page


RDRC Fly For Tots

Electrics Over Tidewater (Firemanbill's event)

eWeek At Triple Tree

GMA Open House & Air Show

22nd Annual Indian Summer Jamboree


We also discussed the Dan Stevens Memorial Fly-In this weekend at Hodges Hobbies, though I haven't found any information on the interwebs about it, so if you're near Hodges Field Spetember 20th and 21st, check out this FREE event!