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Jan 23, 2014

In this 244th installment of our show, we get a chance to visit with Witespy from ReadyToFlyQuads to answer some questions regarding MultiWii-based flight stabilization, troube shooting, and the like. We also get to learn about some new products that have been added to their line-up, as well as some spectacular pricing that you guys will all want to enjoy!

We've also got a short news segment, and news of the Ground Hog Day sale over at West Michigan ParkFlyers. If you've been pining for one the the cool EPP planes from WMPF, you may want to take advantage of this sale. If you order any standard size 'Short Kit' for the Yak 55M , McFoamy or MX2 on February 2nd, you'll get a foam parts of the same plane for FREE. That's like almost 2 kits for the price of one!



Some Dissatisfied DJI Owners

Wings For Wishes MT IV DONATIONS (Event is August 16, 17)

MantaRay Proto Testing (Watch the WHOLE video!)

Mett1971's DX7 Mod (A VERY useful upgrade)

MultiWii For Fixed Wing

Multirotor Systems (Check out those frames!)

ReadyToFlyQuads (Lots of new stuff, incl. some GREAT ESCs!)

Remember, we stream the recording of each show LIVE as it happens at 7pm CST every week. Being present LIVE not only gets you the opportunity to hear all of our goofs that never make the final cut, but also gives you the chance to ask questions through the live chat interface as well as the opportunity to win some cool stuff sometimes. During this show, Witespy gave away about a half-dozen MinimOSD boards that allow for On Screen Display for MultiWii Flight Stabilization Systems! This week's lucky recipients were RCPtero, Cathead Biscuit, MardMarl, Disco_Stu_NZ, BrownEyedFool, And Xenonion! Bookmark our LIVE SHOW PAGE and join in on the fun!