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Mar 27, 2014

In this 253rd installment of our show, we dive into the mailbag to answer some of your questions with the help of our special gues, Witespy from ReadyToFlyQuads! Also, during our 'personal updates' portion of the show, I give a short review of a new product I've been able to try out recently and share my impression of a really nice new Quadcopter frame that I just received!

Will you be in the LA area and are interested in attending the RCX on May 17-18th? You can score one of 8 free tickets being given away by SDParkFlyers by liking their Facebook page, and commenting and sharing the post there regarding the giveaway!


GWS Deals For Our SEFF 2014 'Acronym' Challenge

Beacon Adhesives (call them to order Foam-Tac Foam-Finish)

Ecks Frames (I just got a customer copper/black 310mm frame!)

Cheap Drones Store On Amazon


'Battle Of The Sensors' Limited Edition MWC

New 12 Amp ESC - 'Naked' Edition

New '4 in 1' 20 Amp ESCs

This Week's Slideshow Pics