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Apr 24, 2014

We are all back in the workshop for this 257th installment of our show and in this one, we share some news items, dip into the mail bag, and even talk a little about Open Source projects. There's a LOT of info in this show and it's way too much to try to write a description for here. :)

Please pay special attention to the announcement where we are looking to gather up some equipment for a friend in the hobby. If you think you may be able to lend a hand, just send me an email with the subject line "HELP A VET"!

LINKS (in no particular order):

Wings For Wishes MT IV (These guys need your help!)

Wings For Wishes WA

Mark's 'Welcome To Taranis' Vids

Shadow102's SEFF Vid (Forgot to share this on the show)

Can A Newb Successfully Fly The Delta Ray?

Flite Test SEFF Coverage

Flite Test Podcast Page

AJ Aircraft (Sign up to get notices!)

Twisted Hobbies New Crack MXS-C

WMPF (Sponsored pilots will be at Nall this year)

AirHobby (Jason will be at Nall with WMPF kits!)

Fund A Kitmaker, Get a Kit!

AfterDarkLED (Superb customer service!)

RTFHawk (Check this new product out at RTFQs!)

Game Of 'Clones' Article And Discussion

TheCrashCast On FB (Show announcements)

CrashCast Listeners on FB (Where the magic happens)