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Feb 27, 2014

In this 249th installment of our show, we get to talk with a couple of gents that have been doing the RC gig for quite a while and are quite well-known. Michael Morgan from DW Foamies fame has expanded his line-up of RC offerings to include some very interesting Multi-Rotor airframes now! Also joining us is Michael's Field Rep/Tester/Lab Rat/Thrasher/Crasher, Chris 'RPMRPM' Madsen.

I had the opportunity last week to test out some of their new frames and have been quite impressed with them. One of the airframes lends itself to a great aerobatic performer, while the other will certainly prove to be a good platform for a small and easily portable 'mini' quad. If you've been in the market for an airframe to suit either of these niches, then you'll want to listen to this episode!


2104 WRAM Show Pics (Courtesy of sawatt)

Mark Harrison's Understanding PID Loops Video

WFU In The News (IFLYOS was involved with this!)

Foam-Tac Foam-Finish RCG Discussion (New product not yet on Beacon's Site)

DW Foamies


Tornado Frames

MicroBurst 300

Dust Devil 1PQ

RTFQs (Where I get most of my electronics, esp. MWCs)

TCC Episode 249 Slideshow Pics