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Nov 29, 2010

In our 95th installment, we discuss our friend's new Micro Yak and and then break off into some MultiRotor discussion (Yep, I've been bitten by the bug!). Also, the RCadvisor shares with us some great information on making aerodynamic struts and braces (both decorative and strengthening) for our larger projects.

Next week, we will be talking about what we will be putting on our CHRISTmas lists to Santa this year, and you're invited to participate, too! Just drop me an email (crash.hancock AT and tell us what you'd like to get this year and we'll read the letters on next week's show. Not a bad way of letting your friends and relatives know what you'd like to get, eh? (wink wink)


ToxicToast's New Micro Yak

Toast's Micro Yak Doing It's Thing

Some Great TriCopter Links ( 1, 2, 3 )

An Aerobatic QuadCopter?!? (Thanks Stef!)

XAircraft X650 QuadCopter (My bud Randy has this and LOVES it!)

If you go to THIS SITE and call the phone number listed at the bottom, you can ask them about the "seconds" that they have available. This is where Dorsal gets his $1 carbon tubing.