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Oct 24, 2010

We're back again this week with a little more talk about the Micro Airplane scene. After flying my new Ultra Micro 4-Site a bit, I am lovin' it! We also discuss E-Flite's latest announcement a bit - The UMX Extra 300! This little plane looks to be BIG on performance and it looks like E-Flite has another winner on it's hands.

Oh, yeah - eventhough I was unable to attend the 3D Hobby Shop OktoberFest Fly-In in Austin this weekend (a true shame, since I was IN Austin!), I got a few notes to share from my buddy Ron, that WAS there.


Joe's 4x4 Hybrid CNC

Fine Line Automation CNC (where MINE came from)

Halloween Decor At The PhlatForum (Register to see pics)

A Deal On Some Micro Hardware Over At RCG

Ultra Micro 4-Site Mods

UMX Extra 300

UMX Extra 300 Discussion And Vid At RCG

3D Hobby Shop

Some 3DHS Oktoberfest 2010 Pics


over eight years ago

Glad to hear you liking the ultra micro you have. I've been addicted to them for the last year now. It's so nice to be able to throw something up whenever there's the space and time. If you want a gentle flying 4 channel micro, look into the P-51 or T-28 from ParkZone.

Josh Hamilton with the Rangers is from Raleigh, NC. He has an awesome success story.