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Nov 23, 2009

In this installment, Guru Aviation is the topic of discussion. It's me, Tim, and Chris Carnes talking all about the wares this new online supplier of foam-flavored heavenly goodness offers. Anybody for a 3D performer that requires ABSOLUTELY ZERO carbon fiber for structural reinforcement? If so, the Lucky Yak and King 260 are the planes for you!

Guys, while our ladies are away spending all that hard-earned cash on Black Friday sales this week, do your part to support your hobby and our nation's economy with Black Friday RC sales! I'll be posting what I find on the Steals Of The Week section at AllThingsCrash very soon!

Notable Links:

Chris' Website
Tim's Website
Wings Of Inspiration
4 Guys, One Plane Vid

nine and a half years ago

What makes you so sure the women were the ones out there spending the hard-earned cash? lol