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Mar 5, 2012

And that Mopar dude, too. LoL

In this 154th installment of our show, I found myself without a co-host! Never fear, though, as we have a couple of surprise guests in the workshop. Both of these gentlemen took time out of their schedules to visit the workshop and tell us about a little event that's held every year over in Perry, Georgia - The Perry Swap Meet!! Of course, we talk about a bunch of other stuff, too, but I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks so much to both guests for coming on! And if you haven't figured out who these two guys are, just download the show already!! :)

Also, our good friend Carlos, the RCadvisor, is back again this week with another fantastic segment, this time some tips on becoming a better RC pilot. Oh, and if you haven't visited, you should take a moment to head on over there, as Carlos has been cranking out tons of great articles!



Phlat-Boxes (I show yet another thing the PhlatPrinter can do!)

Model Plane Foam (A new foam just for RC models)

PhlatBoyZ Tax Return Specials (Sale Ends 4/15/12!!)

NEW 12 Volt, 120 Watt (10 Amp) Power Supply