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Jul 25, 2010

Lots of fun stuff in this 78th installment! Dorsal won a Millennium RC Micro SSX from RCRN, I've got a mess of Mercury Adhesives to try out, and the PhlatBoyZ are GIVING away a PhlatPrinter MK3 kit! Also, I talk at length (don't I always? LOL) about some options for club Pylon Racing, including the Slipso 400 that I am currently building.

On another note, if you are building your e-QSC from our Scratch-building Club, be sure you send me pics of your finished plane by August 15th so we can enter you in to our little giveaway of the motor and esc combo!


RCRN - Great online radio 24/7 and live "AirShow" on Tuesday nights!

Millennium's Micro SSX

Mercury Adhesives

CUPRA Website

Slipso 400 Thread

Mountain Models Slipso Kit




almost nine years ago

Dennis: AWESOME tip on sanding to the triangle stock! Thanks!

almost nine years ago

Now I know why the name dorsal sounded so familiar last week! Congrats dorsal. Welcome to the winner\'s club. I was the June winner with the color scheme tip from RCRN.

almost nine years ago

ToxicToast, thanks! I hoped my explanation made sense to the listeners.
rcdude07, congratulations to you, also. It\'s nice to be a member of the club! This MicroSSX is such an awesomely built ARF, I decided to buy the biplane from MilleniumRC also! :)