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Nov 26, 2012

After a very late night, I am finally getting around to writing the description and links for this 187th installment of our show. LoL

We talked about all kinds of stuff in this one, and we have TONS of links for you to peruse, including our "Spotlight Vendor" this week, AfterDarkLED - your source for premium lighting solutions for all of your RC needs!



iFlight i450B Quad Frame (My Black Friday purchase)

Hitec-compatible RX's (Altitude has 'em!)

ARTICLE: AnyLink 2.4 Hack (Thanks for the link, MetroGTI!)

ARTICLE: Convert A 72mhz Radio To 2.4ghz (Another from MetroGTI)

VID: Flying The Spitfire (Very Nice! Thanks for the link, Tony!)

VID: Greatest RC Car Chase

VID: Medieval Zombie Dilemma (Just for the LoLs)

VID: Do You Suffer From VVS?

The Ugly Little CRI-CRI

If You Have An Orange Tx Module, You May Wanna Read THIS!

DX18QQ (Nice, but is it worth the extra 4 bills?)

Jeti Duplex DS-16 (Karl's Dream Tx)

Didya Know HeadsUpRC Has Rx Solutions?

Nav's T6EXA Assan Hack (This would work for other systems, too!)


Aurora 9 Firmware Updates

Hitec Has Loads Of New Stuff!

   Airspeed Sensor


   Servo Manager Sensor

   Advanced Sensor Station

   Engine Temp Sensor

Whew! I think I got them all! LoL

Hey, it's that time of year where we will accept your "Dear Santa" Letters. This is a perfect time for you to hint at what you REALLY want for CHRISTmas from that significant other. Drop me a line and I'll share your wishes on an upcoming show!!