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Jan 30, 2014

This 245th episode is a prime example of how, no matter how hard you may plan, Murphy's Law sometimes pops in to prove who's really the boss. LoL We started off with a plan for this show and then we thought our planned guest wouldn't be able to make it, then Tim King had to work late, then Laine's internet connection flaked out. Fortunately, our guest WAS actually able to pop in and help us out, so all in all, we ended up with a pretty informative show. :)

After our round table discussion of our recent activities, we share some news of the items that Horizon Hobby has impressed us with during the Nuremburg 2014 exhibition. Then we get on to meeting up with our friend CK from RiteWingRC to talk about some general topics regarding Flying Wings. There is some really good info on this! Thanks so much to Chris for coming on and sharing his expertise in this area!


Crash's FLIP 1.5 For Dummies Video

Horizon's Nuremburg 2014 Announcements

WingCGCalc (This is the calculator that I use)

RiteWingRC (This is where you get the BEST Wings!)