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Mar 12, 2015

In this week's show we are happy to have Cathead with us, and he shares just what exactly he's had to deal with the last few days. We'd very much appreciate your prayers for his speedy (and COMPLETE) recovery!

After our updates, we take the opportunity to share some listener letters and pictures, as well as some news articles we've found on the web.



Drone Rentals? (This CAN'T end well)

Audi Commercial (Really, Audi? REALLY??)

MAKE Frequency Management Video

RC Star Wars Tie Fighter

New HeadPlay Goggles

First Look At RMRC Mini Skyhunter

GoPro Alternative?

SS To Test Fly Drones Over US Capital?

Damage Designs Blog

P-39 Cobra

Adam Savage's Custom Quadcopter Gear

Have A Plan!


This Week's Slideshow Pics