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Jan 15, 2015

In this 293rd installment of our little show, some people are most certainly going to be offended. You see, in our attempt to educate folks on what NOT to do with our hobby, we've started a new segment. I don't know if it will be 'Weekly", but I'm fairly sure we can find enough content to pull it off.


Taranis Speaker Upgrade (From our friend Mark H.)

How-To Video By Travis (This is what I used)

Taranis Speaker Upgrade Kit

Frosty Dog 2015 (Thanks for the link, DougBo!)

OrangeRX At Altitude

Glitter Bombs!

MultiRC Durability Testing

Hance-Approved Quad?

FAA Issues Law Enforcement Guidelines

CNN Cleared To Test Drones (SMH)

Estes ProtoX FPV Review At RCG

Interesting FPV Tonka Summit Build

5th Annual FPV Fly-In At The Pecan Patch (Facebook page)

IOTW (and enjoy the dude's comments, as well. Pfft!)

This Week's Slideshow Pics