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Oct 24, 2013

Our 233rd installment of our show sees us all back in the workshop and streaming LIVE! Join us as we reminisce about Karl's trip to the Indian Summer Jamboree in Washington State and Crash, Tim, and Nav's trip to HHAEFI. Trust me - LOTS of fun was had!

Also, buried in this episode is an announcement worth repeating here again. West Michigan ParkFlyers has a neat giveaway slated for Halloween. The basics are that on October 31st, open your browser and hit up WMParkflyers. SOMEWHERE on the site there will be a PUMPKIN hiding out. If you're the first one to find it, CLICK ON IT! One lucky person will have the opportunity to purchase one of WMP's fine kits for only ONE CENT plus standard $7 shipping. SWEET!!


UMX SBach 342 (Crash's first AS3X plane)

V252 Quad (Crash WON one of these at HHAEFI! Thanks, Romeo!)

SimpleCopter (Matt was at HHAEFI ripping it up with these!)

We Saw TC3WINS Representing DIYQuadcopters And XAircraftAmerica

FancyPicker's Testing Of The V252

Tim Flying Crash's FLIP FPV

NavionFlyer's First FPV Experience

Shadow102's HHAEFI 2013 Vid AND The HHAEFI Balloon Vid

Bildo's Videos: HHAEFI #1, HHAEFI #2, HHAEFI #3, and HHAEFI After Dark

A very special THANK YOU goes out to all of the friends of TheCrashCast Crew for making us all feel so welcome at Indian Summer and HHAEFI! Dougbo and Hance (as well as many others) accepted and entertained Karl, and deserve a pat on the back for dealing with "that guy from Canadia". :)

Thanks to PCPhil for sharing his camper, "jar", and coffee with us. Phil is a stand-up guy and one that I am so happy to call my friend. Thanks to Cathead Biscuit, HatefulGravy, and Brent for all the laughs. Thanks so much to Shadow102 for sharing his PREMO FPV Quad and sharing his knowledge in FPV with us! Also, thanks go out to AlanFlorida for the "Unicorn Love" shown. LoL And, finally, thanks to the Stahr family and NavionFlyer for the "unusual" birthday presents. :)

Oh, I almost forgot! Thanks go to my buddy, Bildo Baggins, for sharing his infinite wisdom, unique humor, and great video skills! No event in GA is complete without the clown!