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Feb 6, 2014

In this 246th installment, we catch up on a couple of news pieces that we've forgotten to share for the last two weeks, and then we get to catch up with the PhlatBoyZ' Mark and Trish Carew. They advise that the OpenBuilds site is up and rocking, and boy are there some neat projects going on over there! If you're wondering what the heck the title of this week's show is all about, well, it should be clear when you listen in. :)


Wings For Wishes Montana IV DONATE Address

WATTS Article In Model Aviation

Mark H. Noodle Copter In Makezine

Noodle Copter on BoingBoing

Noodle Copter Stability

Mark's EastBayRC Site



OpenBuilds Parts Store

During our streamed recording session, I also streamed a slideshow to our audience with pictures of a couple of new Ready To Fly OPQ's from ReadyToFlyQuads (which, incidently, sold out during our broadcast LoL). This got me to thinking! I would LOVE to have your pictures of the projects you are working on to stream during our weekly prodcasts! If you would like us to share YOUR project, email me a JPG image and I will include it in the slideshow! PRO TIP: Open up the image in your image editor (Paint works well for this on Microsoft systems) and put in your user name before sending the pic to my email address that I include in the lead-out music in each show.