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Nov 21, 2011

Strange title, right? I think it's aptly named though, as I currently appear to be stricken with some sort of flu-like bug, and the entire recording of our 141st show saw me swinging from the chills to just absolutely burning up! LoL But hey, without a little sickness now and then, how can we possibly appreciate good health?  I apologize for being late getting this installment posted. :)

We've got some great news items this week, and we also answer some listener emails. The RCadvisor is back this week to discuss how you might see "porpoising" with that correctly balanced model.


PhlatBoyZ HBot Pro 3D Printer Teaser Video

GT Power 20 Amp Power Supply (Great Price!)

2830-09 Motor (Looks like great power for Multi's and 1/2A Electric Conversions)

MW Cores

PhlatFormer Gets Built By Make!

Building a Mud Duck Sport?  Check out these Power System components that are like what Tim is using: Motor, ESC, BEC

My THANKS go out to the following individuals that have made our 2012 season possible:

Matthew K., Rochester, NY

Hance A., Grace, ID

Nick K, Arroyo Grande, CA

Laine and Kristy S., AL

Tom E., Manassas, VA

Todd Buffington, Forest City, IA

Mark H., Piedmont, CA

Grampa Tony, Lawrenceville, GA

Muryl M., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Kevin W., Caterham, Surrey UK

Robert Moser, Wyoming, MN

Ed W., East Syracuse, NY

Ron Kuney, Fayette, OH

Anatoly I., Falls Church, VA