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Jan 21, 2013

In this, our 194th show, the whole gang is together to share all kinds of RC goodness with you! We've got Multi-Rotor talk, new items we've found, we answer some letters, and if you can tolerate it, we get a bit silly in this one, too.


MassiveRC (This is where I got my Scorpion V202 Quad)

Hance's V202 Quad Video

Ready To Fly Quads

RCG Thread On WiteSpy Quads

RCPA Podcast (1st Episode)

RCPA Hangar Time Podcast Page

3DHS Podcast

Workbench Magnifyer We Use

Fundamentals Of Flight PDF

Koll Rotor Pro Balancer

mCPx Programming Guide For A9 (Thanks, Karl!)

DIY Hot Glue Gun Station

Blade mCP X BL BNF

JR XG6 DMSS Transmitter

Simstick Pro Review

I've decided not to link the video that we referenced in this show. However, a simple Google search will land you the video, but I warn you, the language is awful. LoL