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Sep 12, 2010

It's been a really tough week for me and this show stinks of it! LOL After some off-topic discussion, we talk about some HITS that I've found on the interwebs (some of which I have included on my Steals Of The Week), a MISS that I would be concerned about gambling money on, and a RANT that I've harbored for way too long. I apologize in advance if you find that this 85th installment is too far off the mark - even for me!


Phoenix 7


RC Skydiver

Steals Of The Week

The 'MISS' I speak of

Urs' New Mini Pattern Plane

Alexander Lippisch



Dan Krszal
almost nine years ago

The 2dogrc ( crashcast ) doesn\'t work no more.
I put a order in today and try it.