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Oct 23, 2014

Last weekend marked the 9th annual HHAEFI event at Mac Hodges compund in Andersonville, Georgia. Even though I was unable to attend this event we still have some coverage since Chris (Cathead), along with the rest of 'Arcola RC', WAS able to attend. Join us as we talk about this event and be sure to check out the Slideshow pics from this week! Oh, and let's not forget about the videos that captured the essence of this great event - nobody captures an event like Bildo! Oh, and please try to ignore the "chicken wing" references (a BAD inside joke).


PecanPatch And The Rolling Thunder

Bildo's HHAEFI Vids - PART 1 and PART2

Zap's Taranis Jukebox (Too cool!)

Transport Canada And Unmanned Air Vehicles

Edge 540QQ 280 (Clearance Item)

F4U-1A Corsair PNP (Clearance Item)

This Week's Slideshow Pics