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May 14, 2015

In this week's show we get a little deeper into FPV and talk about some of the cool Ground Stations we've seen - some are really stinking expensive, while others show that you can get the job done WITHOUT breaking the bank (these are MY favorite systems). Also, we get a chance to visit with Jake 'FleshPilot' Wells for the first time on the show. You may remember our referencing Jake in some previous shows, as he's the guy that's been putting out some of those awesome videos we've enjoyed from Washington state.


Full Scale Retrieval System

Revolectrix GT500 Charger

Steve Combs' Mobile Groundstation

Inexpensive Boscam 8 Channel Starter Package

Better Boscam 32 Channel Starter Package

PZ0420 Board Camera

Jake's Website

Extreme Flight And 3DHS Join Forces!

FPV Freerider Simulater

FPV Passion Simulator

DIY Quadcopters


UMX FPV Radian

This Week's Slideshow Pictures